Darling Nicky Press Shot #2

"If it wasn't documented...it's like it never happened." ~ Darling Nicky


Thank you for visiting my website and showing an interest in the professional services I offer.  It is my goal to work with my clients to determine their specific needs to better improve their brand, their image, and their reach.

As a biographer, I will tell your story with unparalleled eloquence and interest.  As a publicist, I will ensure your brand/image is appealing and exposed.  As an event reviewer, I will ensure that your event is fairly evaluated and accurately depicted to drive traffic to future events.  As a freelance writer, I will translate your needs and ideas onto paper with quality assurance so that you can remain focused on your task.

No man is an island, and in order that YOU be the best you can be, it is wise to have the tools and people in place that can elevate you to greatness.  Why struggle to find the words when you can get an expert to do it?

I have worked with some of the most notable in the Toronto Entertainment Sector, and continue to grow and develop my portfolio internationally.

Please take a moment to peruse my credentials and prior works.  I thank you again for taking an interest in my services.

Looking forward to working with you on your next project….

Darling Nicky


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